The Transition Sandwich

As many of you know, Rob Jolles has been a mentor and a friend for many years now.  His ability to communicate valuable ideas in a very memorable way has been one of his trademarks.  This “Blarticle” is one great example.  Take a minute and read  The...

Dying with your boots on!

I hear it all of the time in the many presentations I have done around Planning Succession Successfully. “Heff, I just don’t see the need to make a plan to sell my business because I just don’t plan on ever selling it. I am going to be here until I die.” Bottom line, you still need a written plan!

The results of unintended consequences.

Stephen Manicek sat quietly and stared out the window of his car as it sat parked in the parking lot of Manicek Microtek. Until a few minutes ago, he had been president of Manicek Microtek, one of the country’s largest telecommunications parts distributors. Now he was out of a job and felt he was a victim.


Expressing gratitude can be more than a simple thank you. If you live with a Grateful Spirit, your actions, attitudes, and outcomes will be reflected in every aspect of your interactions with others.