I have been a fan of understanding how we think versus how we act for many years, especially when dealing with people and their money.  This article (http://m.wealthmanagement.com/client-relations/how-conquer-clients-irrational-fears#comment-2566191) addresses a practice that is all to frequent in the finacial services industry (which I am all too familiar with) and others I am certain.  In sales, facts, figures, charts, and graphs only serve to justify a decision that has already been made emotionally.  Understanding this is a good first step to becoming more productive in sales and consulting.

The whole idea of taking the time to understanding the concerns as well as the hopes and dreams of your client of prospect is the starting point.  Helping them to understand and clarify their fears and dreams is so powerful in building trust and furthering the relationship.  It will allow you to really help them with the difficult decisions they know they need to make.