Strategic Partnerships

Greg Heffington maintains a working alliance with strategic partners that can help Heffington Consulting further leverage its expertise to meet your business’ needs. The following organizations offer both training and products, and further highlight the depth and breadth of experiences Heffington Consulting can share with your business:


AJIL® is a comprehensive assessment of select human judgment factors. They help leaders see the mental and emotional strengths and vulnerabilities that influence decisions, behaviors, and results. The proprietary assessment helps leaders gain self-awareness and opens pathways to expanded efficacy for teams and organization. Greg is certified to synthesize and interpret client information for the purposes of professional development.

JAM Consulting Group, Inc.

Greg is a Managing Partner with JAM Consulting Group. JAM Consulting utilizes proven world class strategies and best of breed practices that are continually updated, enhanced, and tailored to each client’s particular set of challenges. JAM’s core training competencies include sales skills, coaching techniques, personality assessments, speaking and presentation skills. JAM delivers this training by utilizing a combination of small group sessions, one on ones, role plays, video assessments and other visual and workbook exercises.

Advantage Coaching and Training

Greg is a Principal Coach with Advantage Coaching and Training. Advantage was founded by Dr. Tim Ursiny, and works with individuals and groups on a variety of growth issues such as confidence, communication, teambuilding, coaching skills and dealing with change.

Applied Psychoanalytics LLC

Greg is a Principal Advisor to Applied Psychoanalytics. Applied Psychoanalytics is a joint collaboration of Dr. David Garfield, a psychoanalyst, and Dr. Daven Morrison, an organizational psychiatrist. Applied Psychoanalytics relies on 50 years of research in Psychoanalysis and the Behavioral Sciences to bring new proprietary products and services to the financial industry, the accounting industry and the consulting industry for relationship management. It’s FASI–The Financial Adviser’s Strength Index- is being rapidly adopted by the financial industry as a profile measure of the success of the client-adviser relationship.

Center of Success LLC

Greg is a founding member of the Center of Success. The Center of Success educates professionals and leaders on the qualities that will contribute to their success while seeking to minimize the role of luck in leadership and professional success.

Impact Speakers

Greg maintains a close working relationship with Jimmy Pomerance and Impact Speakers. Impact Speakers leverages Jimmy’s 15 years of financial services industry experience teaching, training, and coaching sales professionals.

Morrison Associates Ltd.

Greg maintains a close working relationship with Morrison Associates. Morrison Associates is a business consulting firm helping organizations to become more effective by Turning Resistance into Motivation into Performance. Morrison associates has been helping organizations and professionals deal transition and empower leaders to better anticipate and respond to the needs of their organizations.

To learn more about how Heffington Consulting can leverage its strategic partnerships to benefit your organization, please contact us.

Leverage our partnerships to grow your business!

To learn more about our strategic partnerships, please contact us.