I had the opportunity to hear Mark Sanborn last evening at a dinner event for Johns Manville.  (I am facilitating a team building exercise for them this evening.)  Mark touched on so many ideas relating to building a successful organization, team, and customer experience.  He is worth looking into if you are in need of a motivational speaker that delivers more than just a good feeling.  I am certain that following his advise, any organization will separate themselves from the “pack”.  As I have had an opportunity to reflect on his message(s), I would like to share at least one that I thought was very valuable.  “You are always making a difference.”  He goes on to describe that it is good, bad, or indifferent.  Indifference being the worst of the three.  Good is obviously the one we should be seeking.  A simple idea and yet so very profound if you think about it.  Please do so!

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