I am sitting the Orlando Airport waiting to board a flight to head back to Denver after presenting a session to a group of Wealth Advisors on behalf of Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA). I was talking about how treating the client ethically, focussing on the relationship, will likely meet almost all of the firm elements of ethical behavior as well as meeting industry requirements and those of the professional certifications of CIMA and CPWA. The content is a direct result of my involvement with Applied Psychoanalytics, LLC and their five core skills in building an effective and strong relationship with clients. After my talk I had one advisor, who believes in the ideas presented, stop me and indicate he cannot believe the client would be engaged enough to respond to the heightened sensitivity he would exhibit focused on building a relationship with them versus focusing on fixing the problem at hand (whatever it might be). I indicated that it is the nature of our existence to want to have engagement and involvement with the people who are trying to help us and it is up to the advisor to change the perceptions their clients have by acting differently and communicating the desire to get engagement from the client as part of that effort. Think about it!