I have the distinct pleasure of working with the Sales and Management Team at Montage Investments for two days February 12th and 13th. During my two days with Montage Investment I will be delivering and discussing concepts around: CLOUT – The ability to favorably influence others; Coaching the Sale – The art of one on one conversations; Messaging – Creating a clear, concise, and compelling message; Alignment – building trust through interpersonal engagement, patience and listening; The Psychology of Change. This opportunity is a result of the working alliances I have with Advantage Coaching and Training, JAM Consulting Group, and Morrison and Associates. Through content delivery, discussion around that content, and ideas on implementation, our goal is to move the needle for Montage Investments and to bring into focus the importance of Montage Investments and it’s culture for financial professionals and their clients.

If you would like to increase the productivity of your sales team or perhaps develop a more compelling message around your products or service, contact us or call 970-282-0699.